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How it Works

eco•pí® is designed to assist patients who are leaving a urine specimen for any reason. A cup is placed in the center of the funnel and the funnel is placed under the patient. As the patient empties their bladder the tray directs all of the urine into the cup. Then the cup can easily be removed and the paper funnel can be thrown away.
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Millions of wasted samples... and counting

The world’s leading health care diagnostics company estimates that millions of urine specimen are unusable upon arrival due to lack of urine or volume of urine.

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Who it's for

I originally designed this for women – specifically in the OBGYN offices – pregnant women, elderly etc. but as I started paying closer attention I realized this was for all types of patients and it is needed in all areas. (Pediatricians, retirement homes, labs, etc.)

The eco•pí® Team

Abbi Jones Founder of Eco-Pi

Abbi Jones

CEO, Founder MedPaper®

Abbi Jones is the CEO and Founder of Medpaper®, and the inventor of its first product, eco•pí®: a cleaner and more dignified way to collect urine specimen. She realized the need for a better method of collecting samples during her during her many successful years as a pharmaceutical sales representative working directly with medical professionals. (In addition to experiencing her own three pregnancies!) She is determined to both create an easier way for patients to leave a sample and innovate the medical field with a more environmentally-friendly paper solution, and thus Medpaper® was born. Abbi is based in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, with her loving husband and three amazing children.
Ben Ford of Ecopi

Ben Ford

CLO, MedPaper®

Ben Ford is the Chief Legal Officer of Medpaper® and its initial investor. He is an attorney with years of experience litigating complex, high-sum cases and has managed Medpaper®‘s legal affairs since its founding, including: incorporation, patents, trademarks, contracts and regulations. He is intent on disrupting the industry with Medpaper®’s products to offer greener solutions while providing patients a more humane sample-collecting experience. Ben is based in Birmingham, Alabama, with his loving wife and their dog, Ridley.
Phillip Wilson Ecopi

Phillip Wilson

CFO, MedPaper®

Phillip Wilson is the CFO of Medpaper®. He joined the team in 2019 after learning about its mission to revolutionize the industry, and he is passionate about using his financial expertise to bring the products and business model to life. He is a Certified Public Accountant with a diverse background in public accounting, corporate accounting, business valuation, and acquisitions. Phillip is based in Vestavia Hills, Alabama, with his amazing wife and two beautiful daughters.

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What others are saying about eco•pí®

The real question is, why still plastic?

When designing ecopi, people would ask me, Why paper? And I always answered with, Why NOT paper? With 6 million tons of single-use plastics being thrown out every year, and hospitals being a large contributor to that number, why wouldn’t we use paper? While there is a place for plastic in hospitals, Dr’s offices, labs, etc, there is a huge opportunity to move into an area of paper. Ecopi is a sustainable solution for plastic replacement and using a renewable resource, yet strong enough to hold full cups of liquid. Because it can be thrown away after use, it also cuts down on wasted water and energy for washing and sanitizing. I believe now is the time to look closer at the medical field and replace plastic with paper where we can – and it is starting with urine specimen samples. Patent pending.

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